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Persian alphabet

Xeo-Voice is a freeware program for the speech synthesis, the reciting a poetry and the vocalizing a music with the function of the recording a sound to the file. Persian language (arabic alphabet 1850) is supported.

By default the stress falls to the last syllable of the word, else add the backquote after the stressed vowel.

See the texts in persian language (arabic alphabet 1850) at,, etc.


To input the text through the keyboard, the program Xeo-Voice 1.x uses two standard layots: english and english-russian. On the base of UTF-8 table the special alphabet was created for persian language.


PERSIAN ALPHABET 2013 for Xeo-Voice 1.x

Author: Ronald Sp4rk
Created (v1.18): 04.02.2018


Persian alphabet 2013 contains the symbols which are necessary for the correct recording, the reading and the pronunciating of the texts in english language. 4 encodings are supported.

The encoding cyr-2013 is completely based on the cyrillic alphabet, the encoding lat-2013 - on the latin alphabet. In the encoding eng-rus-2013 (english-russian layot), instead of the cyrillic symbols, which are not present in the russian alphabet, the letters from the english alphabet are taken. In the encoding eng-2013 (english layot) all symbols are replaced by the english letters and their combinations.

All encodings 2013 are completely convertible among themselves. It is possible to enter the symbols in english or english-russian layot and then to encode the text into cyrillic or latin alphabet, and on the contrary.

8 letters were liquidated: ح was amalgamated with H h, ص was amalgamated with S s, ظ was amalgamated with Z z, ط was amalgamated with T t, ض was amalgamated with D d, ع was amalgamated with Ğ ğ, ث was amalgamated with S s, ذ was amalgamated with Z z. The writing of the letter ک is changed on the ك symbol. 6 letters are added: V v, Ä ä, E e, I i, O o and U u. Read more in the notes below.


arab-1850     ipa    cyr-2013      eng-rus-2013  lat-2013      eng-2013
arab          ipa    cyrillic      eng.-rus.     latin         eng.

ا       x 01. a      А а           А а           A a           A a
        x 02. æ      Ә ә           Я я           Ä ä [2]       A'/Ah a'/ah [8]
ب       x 03. b      Б б           Б б           B b           B b
        x 04. v      В в           В в           V v [1]       V v
گ       x 05. g      Г г           Г г           G g           G g
غ       x 06. ɣ      Ғ ғ           G g           Ğ ğ           Gh gh
د       x 07. d      Д д           Д д           D d           D d
        x 08. e      Ě ě           Е е           E e [3]       E e
ژ       x 09. ʒ      Ж ж           Ж ж           Ž ž           Zh zh
ج       x 10. dʑ     Ӝ ӝ           J j           J j           J j
ز       x 11. z      З з           З з           Z z           Z z
        x 12. i      Ӥ ӥ           И и           I i [4]       I i
ي       x 13. j      Й й           Й й           Y y           Y y
ک       x 14. k      К к           К к           K k           K k
ق       x 15. q      Қ қ           Q q           Q q           Q q
ل       x 16. l      Л л           Л л           L l           L l
م       x 17. m      М м           М м           M m           M m
ن       x 18. n      Н н           Н н           N n           N n
        x 19. o      О о           О о           O o [5]       O o
پ       x 20. p      П п           П п           P p           P p
ر       x 21. r      Р р           Р р           R r           R r
س       x 22. s      С с           С с           S s           S s
ت       x 23. t      Т т           Т т           T t           T t
        x 24. u      У у           У у           U u [6]       U u
و       x 25. w      Ў ў           W w           W w           W w
ف       x 26. f      Ф ф           Ф ф           F f           F f
خ       x 27. x      Х х           Х х           Ȟ ȟ ħ [9]     Kh kh
چ       x 28. tɕ     Ч ч           Ч ч           Ç ç           Ch ch
ه       x 29. h      Һ һ           Y h [7]       H h           X x
ش       x 30. ʃ      Ш ш           Ш ш           Š š           Sh sh
ء       x 31. ʔ      Ъ ъ           Ъ ъ           ^ ^           ^ ^

The remark: Also the encodings arab-2013 and brai-2013 are supported. See the consolidated table in Menu -- Help -- Manual, or at the site:
It is needed to appreciate that the case of the letters is lost while encoding into the arabic alphabet.


The notes:
[1] The new letter V v as an english caVe was added.
[2] The new letter Ä ä as an english mAp was added.
[3] The new letter E e as an english flUent was added.
[4] The new letter I i as an english minI was added.
[5] The new letter O o as an english hOrse was added.
[6] The new letter U u as an english flUent was added.

[7] In the encoding eng-rus-2013 the upper-case leter H (h) is occupied with the cyrillic Н (н), therefore, instead of the latin H, the letter Y was taken.
[8] In the encoding eng-2013 the vowel A' a' is possible to be written as Ah ah. The such writing is used before a vowels and in the words with the specified stresses.
[9] In the encoding lat-2013 it is allowed to write ħ instead of ȟ.


4 speech style are supported: russian, english, french and arabic. In english style the alveolar [r] is automatically changed on the approximant [ɹ], the alveolar [l] is changed on the velar [ʟ], the dental [t], [d] and [n] are changed on the alveolar [t], [d] and [n] accordingly. In french style [r] is changed on the uvular [ʀ], in arabic style [ɰ] is changed on the glottal [ʕ].


Example of the reencoding of text

arab-1850: فارسی یا پارسی یکی از زبان‌های هندواروپایی در شاخهٔ زبان‌های ایرانی جنوب غربی است که در کشورهای ایران، افغانستان، تاجیکستان و ازبکستان به آن سخن می‌گویند. فارسی زبان رسمی کشورهای ایران و تاجیکستان و یکی از دو زبان رسمی افغانستان (در کنار پشتو) است. زبان رسمی کشور هندوستان نیز تا پیش از ورود استعمار انگلیس، فارسی بود. زبان فارسی را پارسی نیز می‌گویند. زبان فارسی در افغانستان به طور رسمی دری و در تاجیکستان تاجیکی خوانده شده‌است. در سال ۱۸۷۲ در نشست ادیبان و زبان‌شناسان اروپایی در برلین، زبان‌های یونانی، فارسی، لاتین و سانسکریت به عنوان زبان‌های کلاسیک جهان برگزیده شدند. بر پایهٔ تعریف، زبانی کلاسیک به شمار می‌آید که یکم، باستانی باشد، دوم، ادبیات غنی داشته باشد و سوم در آخرین هزاره عمر خود تغییرات اندکی کرده باشد.

cyr-2013: фарсӥ йа парсӥ йěкӥ әз зәбанһайě һěндо-орупайӥ дәр шәхěйě зәбанһайě ӥранӥйě ӝәнубě ғәрбӥ-ст кě дәр кěшвәрһайě ӥран, әфғанěстан, таӝӥкěстан вә озбакěстан бě Ан сохан мӥгуйәнд. фарсӥ зәбанě рәсмӥ кěшвәрһайě ӥран вә таӝӥкěстан вә йěкӥ әз ду зәбанě рәсмӥ әфғанěстан (дәр кěнарě пәшту) аст. зәбанě рәсмӥ кěшвәр һӥндустан нӥз та пайӥш әз уруд ӥстағамар ӥнглӥс, фарсӥ буд. зәбанě фарсӥ ра парсӥ нӥз мӥгуйәнд. зәбанě фарсӥ дәр әфғанěстан бě тур рәсмӥ дарӥ вә дәр таӝӥкěстан таӝӥкӥ һуйәндě шәдě-аст. дәр сал 1872 дәр нәшәсәт адӥбан вә зәбан-шәнәсән арупайӥ дәр баралӥн, зәбанһайě йунанӥ, фарсӥ, ләтӥн вә санскрӥт бě ғануан зәбанһайě класӥк ӝӥһан баргазӥдě шәдәнәд. бар пайě тәғәрӥф, зәбанӥ класӥк бě шәмәр мӥъайд кě ӥкам, бастанӥ башад, дум, әдәбӥйәт ғанӥ дәштě башад вә сум дәр Ахарӥн хәзәрě ғәмәр һуд тӥғӥйӥрәт андакӥ курдě башад.

eng-2013: farsi ya parsi yeki a'z za'banxaye xendo-orupayi da'r sha'kheye za'banxaye iraniye ja'nube gha'rbi-st ke da'r keshva'rxaye iran, a'fghanestan, tajikestan va' ozbakestan be An sokhan miguya'nd. farsi za'bane ra'smi keshva'rxaye iran va' tajikestan va' yeki a'z du za'bane ra'smi a'fghanestan (da'r kenare pa'shtu) ast. za'bane ra'smi keshva'r xindustan niz ta payish a'z urud istaghamar inglis, farsi bud. za'bane farsi ra parsi niz miguya'nd. za'bane farsi da'r a'fghanestan be tur ra'smi dari va' da'r tajikestan tajiki xuya'nde sha'de-ast. da'r sal 1872 da'r na'sha'sa't adiban va' za'ban-sha'na'sa'n arupayi da'r baralin, za'banxaye yunani, farsi, la'tin va' sanskrit be ghanuan za'banxaye klasik jixan bargazide sha'da'na'd. bar paye ta'gha'rif, za'bani klasik be sha'ma'r mi^ayd ke ikam, bastani bashad, dum, a'da'biya't ghani da'shte bashad va' sum da'r Akharin khahza're gha'ma'r xud tighiyira't andaki kurde bashad.

lat-2013: farsi ya parsi yeki äz zäbanhaye hendo-orupayi där šäħeye zäbanhaye iraniye jänube ğärbi-st ke där kešvärhaye iran, äfğanestan, tajikestan vä ozbakestan be An soħan miguyänd. farsi zäbane räsmi kešvärhaye iran vä tajikestan vä yeki äz du zäbane räsmi äfğanestan (där kenare päštu) ast. zäbane räsmi kešvär hindustan niz ta payiš äz urud istağamar inglis, farsi bud. zäbane farsi ra parsi niz miguyänd. zäbane farsi där äfğanestan be tur räsmi dari vä där tajikestan tajiki huyände šäde-ast. där sal 1872 där näšäsät adiban vä zäban-šänäsän arupayi där baralin, zäbanhaye yunani, farsi, lätin vä sanskrit be ğanuan zäbanhaye klasik jihan bargazide šädänäd. bar paye täğärif, zäbani klasik be šämär miˆayd ke ikam, bastani bašad, dum, ädäbiyät ğani däšte bašad vä sum där Aħarin ħäzäre ğämär hud tiğiyirät andaki kurde bašad.

arab-2013: فارسێ يا پارسێ يۏكێ أز زأبانهايۏ هۏندۆ-ۆرۇپايێ دأر شأخۏيۏ زأبانهايۏ ێرانێيۏ جأنۇبۏ غأربێ-ست كۏ دأر كۏشۋأرهايۏ ێران، أفغانۏستان، تاجێكۏستان ۋأ ۆزباكۏستان بۏ ان سۆخان مێگۇيأند. فارسێ زأبانۏ رأسمێ كۏشۋأرهايۏ ێران ۋأ تاجێكۏستان ۋأ يۏكێ أز دۇ زأبانۏ رأسمێ أفغانۏستان (دأر كۏنارۏ پأشتۇ) است. زأبانۏ رأسمێ كۏشۋأر هێندۇستان نێز تا پايێش أز ۇرۇد ێستاغامار ێنگلێس، فارسێ بۇد. زأبانۏ فارسێ را پارسێ نێز مێگۇيأند. زأبانۏ فارسێ دأر أفغانۏستان بۏ تۇر رأسمێ دارێ ۋأ دأر تاجێكۏستان تاجێكێ هۇيأندۏ شأدۏ-است. دأر سال ١۸٧٢ دأر نأشأسأت ادێبان ۋأ زأبان-شأنأسأن ارۇپايێ دأر بارالێن، زأبانهايۏ يۇنانێ، فارسێ، لأتێن ۋأ سانسكرێت بۏ غانۇان زأبانهايۏ كلاسێك جێهان بارگازێدۏ شأدأنأد. بار پايۏ تأغأرێف، زأبانێ كلاسێك بۏ شأمأر مێءايد كۏ ێكام، باستانێ باشاد، دۇم، أدأبێيأت غانێ دأشتۏ باشاد ۋأ سۇم دأر اخارێن خأزأرۏ غأمأر هۇد تێغێيێرأت انداكێ كۇردۏ باشاد.

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