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Kyrgyz alphabet

Xeo-Voice is a freeware program for speech synthesis and music vocalizing with function of record sound to the file. Kyrgyz language (cyrillic alphabet 1940) is supported.

By default the stress falls to the last syllable of the word, else add the backquote after the stressed vowel, for example: alma = apple, a`lma = do not take.

See the texts in kyrgyz language (cyrillic alphabet 1940) at,, etc.


For the text input through keyboard the program Xeo-Voice 1.x uses two standard layots: english and english-russian. On the base of UTF-8 table for kyrgyz language the special alphabet was created.


KYRGYZ ALPHABET 2013 for Xeo-Voice 1.x

Author: Ronald Sp4rk
Created (v1.2): 17.02.2014
Edited (v1.3): 02.05.2014
Edited (v1.4): 27.07.2014
Edited (v1.5): 31.10.2014


Kyrgyz alphabet 2013 contains the symbols which are necessary for the correct recording, reading and a pronunciation of texts in kyrgyz language. 4 encodings are supported.

The encoding cyr-2013 is completely based on cyrillic alphabet, the encoding lat-2013 - on latin alphabet. In the encoding eng-rus-2013 (english-russian layot), instead of cyrillic symbols, which are not present in russian alphabet, letters from english alphabet are taken. In the encoding eng-2013 (english layot) all symbols are replaced with english letters and their combinations.

All encodings 2013 are completely convertible among themselves. It is possible to enter symbols in english or english-russian layot and then to encode the text into cyrillic or latin alphabet, and on the contrary.

Letters Ё ё, Ю ю, Я я were liquidated. Instead of them combinations of letter Й й and a corresponding vowel by phonetic transcription are used. The writing of 3 old letters are changed: Ж ж on Ӂ ӂ, Е е on Ě ě, И и on Ӥ ӥ. 6 letters are added: Ў ў, Ǒ ǒ, Ә ә, Ғ ғ, Қ қ and new Ж ж. Read more in the notes below.


cyr-1940      ipa    cyr-2013      eng-rus-2013  lat-2013      eng-2013
cyrillic      ipa    cyrillic      eng.-rus.     latin         eng.

А а       01. a~ɑ    А а           А а           A a           A a
          02. æ      Ә ә [3]       Я я           Ä ä           A'/Ah a'/ah [10]
Б б       03. b      Б б           Б б           B b           B b
В в       04. v      В в           В в           V v           V v
Г г       05. g      Г г           Г г           G g           G g
          06. ɣ~ʁ    Ғ ғ [4]       G g           Ğ ğ           Gh gh
Д д       07. d      Д д           Д д           D d           D d
Е е       08. e      Ě ě [8]       Е е           E e           E e
Ё ё                  Йо/Йө йо/йө   Йо/Йё йо/йё   Yo/Yö yo/yö   Yo/yo' yo/yo'
          09. ʒ      Ж ж           Ж ж           Ž ž           Zh zh
Ж ж       10. dʒ     Ӂ ӂ [6]       & b           Ĵ ĵ           Jh jh
З з       11. z      З з           З з           Z z           Z z
И и       12. i      Ӥ ӥ [7]       И и           I i           I i
Й й       13. j      Й й           Й й           Y y           Y y
К к       14. k      К к           К к           K k           K k
          15. q      Қ қ [5]       Q q           Q q           Q q
Л л       16. l      Л л           Л л           L l           L l
М м       17. m      М м           М м           M m           M m
Н н       18. n      Н н           Н н           N n           N n
Ң ң       19. ŋ      Ң ң           N n           Ň ň           Nh nh
О о       20. o~ɔ    О о           О о           O o           O o
Ө ө       21. ø      Ө ө           Ё ё           Ö ö           O'/Oh o'/oh [10]
          22. º      Ǒ ǒ [2]       U u           Ǒ ǒ           Wh wh
П п       23. p      П п           П п           P p           P p
Р р       24. r      Р р           Р р           R r           R r
С с       25. s      С с           С с           S s           S s
Т т       26. t      Т т           Т т           T t           T t
У у       27. u      У у           У у           U u           U u
Ү ү       28. y      Ү ү           Ю ю           Ü ü           U'/Uh u'/uh [10]
          29. w      Ў ў [1]       W w           W w           W w
Ф ф       30. f      Ф ф           Ф ф           F f           F f
Х х       31. x      Х х           Х х           Ȟ ȟ           Kh kh
Ц ц       32. ts     Ц ц           Ц ц           C c           C c
Ч ч       33. tɕ     Ч ч           Ч ч           Ç ç           Ch ch
Ш ш       34. ʃ      Ш ш           Ш ш           Š š           Sh sh
Щ щ       35. ɕ      Щ щ           Щ щ           Ş ş           Xh xh
Ъ ъ       36. ʔ      Ъ ъ [9]       Ъ ъ           ^ ^           ^ ^
Ы ы       37. ɯ~ɨ    Ы ы           Ы ы           Ǐ ǐ ı [11]    I'/Ih i'/ih [10]
Ь ь       38. ʲ      Ь ь           Ь ь           ' '           ' '
Э э       39. ɛ      Э э           Э э           Ě ě           E'/Eh e'/eh [10]
Ю ю                  Йу/Йү йу/йү   Йу/Йю йу/йю   Yu/Yü yu/yü   Yu/yu' yu/yu'
Я я                  Йа/Йә йа/йә   Йа/Йя йа/йя   Ya/Yä ya/yä   Ya/ya' ya/ya'

Remark: Also it is supported the encoding arab-2013. See the table with arabic alphabet in Menu -- Help -- Manual,
or at the site:
It is need to appreciate that the case of letters is lost in encoding into arabic alphabet.


[1] The new letter Ў ў as an english letter W w was added. It is a nonsyllabic.
[2] The new letter Ǒ ǒ as an oized letter Ў ў was added. It is also a nonsyllabic.
[3] The new letter Ә ә as an english mAp was added.
[4] The new letter Ғ ғ as an arabian letter Ghain was added. Before the letters А а, О о, У у, Ы ы, Э э the letter Г г is changing on Ғ ғ automatically by default.
[5] The new letter Қ қ as an arabian letter Qaf was added. Before the letters А а, О о, У у, Ы ы, Э э the letter К к is changing on Қ қ automatically by default.
[6] The writing of old kyrgyz letter Ж ж is changed on Ӂ ӂ. On its place the new letter Ж ж as a russian letter Ж ж was added.
[7] The writing of old kyrgyz letter И и was changed on Ӥ ӥ.
[8] The writing of old kyrgyz letter Е е was changed on Ě ě. The letter Ě ě is used only as a vowel, not as a digraph.
[9] The kyrgyz letter Ъ ъ is used only as an arabian or russian hamza (a short pause).

[10] In the encoding eng-2013 the vowels A' a', O' o', U' u', I' i', E' e' are possible to be written as Ah ah, Oh oh, Uh uh, Ih ih, Eh eh accordingly. The such writing is used before vowels and in words with the specified stresses.
[11] In the encoding lat-2013 it is allowed to write ı instead of ǐ, but it is prohibited to write I instead of Ǐ.


There is no russian letters е, ё, и, ю, я in kyrgyz alphabet 2013, but it is possible to write russian names, surnames and other words with palatalisation (softness). Soft sign is used in the encodings eng-rus-2013 and eng-2013 for this. Instead of е it is written the digraph ье ('e), instead of ё - ьо ('o), instead of и - ьи ('i), instead of ю - ьу ('u), instead of я - ьа ('a). It is need to keep in mind, that there is no front-side letters in russian alphabet, that's why, to exclude the front-side consonants, before vowels е (e), и (i) it is need to write the soft sign. Examples:


              cyr-2013      eng-rus-2013  lat-2013      eng-2013
Артём         Артём         Артьом        Artôm         Art'om
Вася          Вася          Васьа         Vasâ          Vas'a
Татьяна       Татьйана      Татьйана      Tat'yana      Tat'yana
Степан        Степан        Стьепан       Stêpan        St'epan
Рюрик         Рюрик         Рьурьик       Rûrîk         R'ur'ik

Remark: In the encodings cyr-2013 and lat-2013 is supported an automatical replacing of combination of letters ьě ('e) on е (ê), ьо ('o) on ё (ô), ьӥ ('i) on и (î), ьу ('u) on ю (û), ьа ('a) on я (â). The symbols Е е (Ê ê), Ё ё (Ô ô), И и (Î î), Ю ю (Û û), Я я (Â â) are the digraphs, are absent in the encodings eng-2013 and eng-rus-2013, are executed exclusively a decorative function, are not considered as the independent letters, are used only for palatalisation (softness), not for yotisation.


3 speech style are supported: russian, english and french. In english style the alveolar [r] is automatically changed on the approximant [ɹ], the alveolar [l] is changed on the velar [ʟ], the dental [t], [d] and [n] are changed on the alveolar [t], [d] and [n] accordingly. In french style [r] is changed on the uvular [ʀ].


Example of the reencoding of text

cyr-1940: Кыргыз тили – Кыргыз Республикасынын мамлекеттик тили, түрк тилдеринин курамына, анын ичинде кыргыз-кыпчак тобуна кирет. Кыргыз Республикасынын түптүү калкынын, Кытайдагы, Өзбекстан, Тажикстан, Казакстан, Каракалпакстан, Афганистан, Түркия, Орусияда жашап жаткан кыргыздардын эне тили. 2009 жыл өткөн элди жана турак жай фондун каттоонун жыйынтыгында Кыргыз Республикасында кыргыз тилин 3830556 адам өз эне тили катары көрсөтүшкөн жана 271187 адам кыргыз тилин экинчи тил катары биле тургандыгы аныкталган. Бул КР калктын 76% кыргыз тилинде сүйлөйт дегенди билдирет. Кыргыз тилин билгендердин ичинен 1720693 адам орус тилин дагы билише тургандыгын көргөзүшкөн. Бул 2109863 адам кыргыз тилинде гана сүйлөй билишет дегенди билдирет. Болжолдуу эсеп менен дүйнө жүзү боюнча кыргыз тилинде 5100000 адам сүйлөйт.

cyr-2013: Кыргыз тӥлӥ - Кыргыз Рěспублӥкасынын мамлěкěттӥк тӥлӥ, түрк тӥлдěрӥнӥн курамына, анын ӥчӥндě кыргыз-кыпчак тобуна кӥрěт. Кыргыз Рěспублӥкасынын түптүў калкынын, Кытайдагы, Өзбěкстан, Таӂӥкстан, Казакстан, Каракалпакстан, Афганӥстан, Түркӥйә, Орусӥйәда ӂашап ӂаткан кыргыздардын энě тӥлӥ. 2009 ӂыл өткөн элдӥ ӂана турак ӂай фондун каттоǒнун ӂыйынтыгында Кыргыз Рěспублӥкасында кыргыз тӥлӥн 3830556 адам өз энě тӥлӥ катары көрсөтүшкөн ӂана 271187 адам кыргыз тӥлӥн экӥнчӥ тӥл катары бӥлě тургандыгы аныкталган. Бул КР калктын 76% кыргыз тӥлӥндě сүйлөйт дěгěндӥ бӥлдӥрěт. Кыргыз тӥлӥн бӥлгěндěрдӥн ӥчӥнěн 1720693 адам орус тӥлӥн дагы бӥлӥшě тургандыгын көргөзүшкөн. Бул 2109863 адам кыргыз тӥлӥндě гана сүйлөй бӥлӥшěт дěгěндӥ бӥлдӥрěт. Болӂолдуў эсěп мěнěн дүйнө ӂүзү бойунча кыргыз тӥлӥндě 5100000 адам сүйлөйт.

eng-2013: Ki'rgi'z tili - Ki'rgi'z Respublikasi'ni'n mamlekettik tili, tu'rk tilderinin kurami'na, ani'n ichinde ki'rgi'z-ki'pchak tobuna kiret. Ki'rgi'z Respublikasi'ni'n tu'ptu'w kalki'ni'n, Ki'taydagi', O'zbekstan, Tajhikstan, Kazakstan, Karakalpakstan, Afganistan, Tu'rkiya', Orusiya'da jhashap jhatkan ki'rgi'zdardi'n e'ne tili. 2009 jhi'l o'tko'n e'ldi jhana turak jhay fondun kattowhnun jhi'yi'nti'gi'nda Ki'rgi'z Respublikasi'nda ki'rgi'z tilin 3830556 adam o'z e'ne tili katari' ko'rso'tu'shko'n jhana 271187 adam ki'rgi'z tilin e'kinchi til katari' bile turgandi'gi' ani'ktalgan. Bul KR kalkti'n 76% ki'rgi'z tilinde su'ylo'yt degendi bildiret. Ki'rgi'z tilin bilgenderdin ichinen 1720693 adam orus tilin dagi' bilishe turgandi'gi'n ko'rgo'zu'shko'n. Bul 2109863 adam ki'rgi'z tilinde gana su'ylo'y bilishet degendi bildiret. Boljholduw e'sep menen du'yno' jhu'zu' boyuncha ki'rgi'z tilinde 5100000 adam su'ylo'yt.

lat-2013: Kırgız tili - Kırgız Respublikasının mamlekettik tili, türk tilderinin kuramına, anın içinde kırgız-kıpçak tobuna kiret. Kırgız Respublikasının tüptüw kalkının, Kıtaydagı, Özbekstan, Taĵikstan, Kazakstan, Karakalpakstan, Afganistan, Türkiyä, Orusiyäda ĵašap ĵatkan kırgızdardın ěne tili. 2009 ĵıl ötkön ěldi ĵana turak ĵay fondun kattoǒnun ĵıyıntıgında Kırgız Respublikasında kırgız tilin 3830556 adam öz ěne tili katarı körsötüškön ĵana 271187 adam kırgız tilin ěkinçi til katarı bile turgandıgı anıktalgan. Bul KR kalktın 76% kırgız tilinde süylöyt degendi bildiret. Kırgız tilin bilgenderdin içinen 1720693 adam orus tilin dagı biliše turgandıgın körgözüškön. Bul 2109863 adam kırgız tilinde gana süylöy bilišet degendi bildiret. Bolĵolduw ěsep menen düynö ĵüzü boyunça kırgız tilinde 5100000 adam süylöyt.

arab-2013: كئرگئز تێلێ - كئرگئز رۏسپۇبلێكاسئنئن ماملۏكۏتتێك تێلێ, تۈرك تێلدۏرێنێن كۇرامئنا, انئن ێچێندۏ كئرگئز-كئپچاك تۆبۇنا كێرۏت. كئرگئز رۏسپۇبلێكاسئنئن تۈپتۈو كالكئنئن, كئتايداگئ, ۉزبۏكستان, تاڃێكستان, كازاكستان, كاراكالپاكستان, افگانێستان, تۈركێيأ, ۆرۇسێيأدا ڃاشاپ ڃاتكان كئرگئزداردئن ؤنۏ تێلێ. 2009 ڃئل ۉتكۉن ؤلدێ ڃانا تۇراك ڃاي فۆندۇن كاتتۆۄنۇن ڃئيئنتئگئندا كئرگئز رۏسپۇبلێكاسئندا كئرگئز تێلێن 3830556 ادام ۉز ؤنۏ تێلێ كاتارئ كۉرسۉتۈشكۉن ڃانا 271187 ادام كئرگئز تێلێن ؤكێنچێ تێل كاتارئ بێلۏ تۇرگاندئگئ انئكتالگان. بۇل كر كالكتئن 76% كئرگئز تێلێندۏ سۈيلۉيت دۏگۏندێ بێلدێرۏت. كئرگئز تێلێن بێلگۏندۏردێن ێچێنۏن 1720693 ادام ۆرۇس تێلێن داگئ بێلێشۏ تۇرگاندئگئن كۉرگۉزۈشكۉن. بۇل 2109863 ادام كئرگئز تێلێندۏ گانا سۈيلۉي بێلێشۏت دۏگۏندێ بێلدێرۏت. بۆلڃۆلدۇو ؤسۏپ مۏنۏن دۈينۉ ڃۈزۈ بۆيۇنچا كئرگئز تێلێندۏ 5100000 ادام سۈيلۉيت.

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